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Common Questions

Search Engine Optimization

If I cancel my subscription will I lose my rankings?

Maybe. When you cancel your subscription we will take down the links to your website that are on all the sites and blogs in our network. This means that your website will lose as many as 30+ links overnight. If these links were making up the most part of your link profile and SEO work, then chances are your rankings will decrease. Where they end up is not entirely sure.

Do you use Anchor Text links? Aren’t you worried about the Penguin update?

The Google Algorithm update, named Penguin, rocked the SEO world and challenged a lot of the common knowledge and practices in the industry. Fortunately, we have been able to avoid this “penalty” for the most part (and successfully recovered the sites that were affected.)

We have a fairly conservative approach to the links in our network. A rough breakdown will look something like: 30% of links with naked URL, 20% of links with your brand or business name, 10% of links with random “click here” or “this website” anchors, 20% of links with a variety of long tail keywords and/or related keywords, andonly 20% of links with exact match anchors.

Do you send out all the links at once or are they added over time?

In order to keep things looking as natural as possible, we schedule out your links on the network over the entire first month. This avoids search engines finding 30+ new links overnight, which for most local business websites is quite unnatural.

How are the links added to the sites? Are they blogroll links or in content?

Each link to your site is a contextual link that is placed within 150 to 500 words of relevant content. We do not use any site-wide links, blogrolls, or footer links.

There is no additional cost associated with us producing the articles and content for your links, and each piece of content we use is 100% unique and copyscape checked.

Will you send me a list of websites you post links to?

No. The reason link networks like this are so successful is that the websites within it appear to be unconnected. Once we start sending out the URLs of all the sites, we risk the integrity and performance of the network altogether.

You will be able to see the links appear in your back link profile if you are using tools like OSE to check it.

Are the websites in your private network hosted on the same IP address?

Absolutely not. In fact, all the websites in our network are hosted on separate C-Class IP addresses. Every domain has private registration and custom name servers are used for every site. Combining this with the fact none of our network links to each other, we offer one of the highest quality link networks available.

How did you build this network? Wouldn’t it take forever?

Most of the websites in this network are aged and high authority websites that we purchased at auction before they expired. This means that they were previously live sites with existing authority and links. We pick up these great sites for between $100 and $500 each depending on the PageRank and link profile. We then build out a design and content on the sites, and get them ready for your links.

It is certainly a time-consuming process, but it’s the best way to build a high authority link network. Plus it lets us bring you this awesome service at such a steal of a price.

What are the Page Ranks of the websites in your network?

The sites in our network range from PageRank 2 to PageRank 5. We are continuously adding new sites every month, and occasionally build links to each site individually. Whenever a site goes below a PageRank 2, it is replaced.

We typically use the lower PR domains to link to your site using naked URLs or generic terms so that the anchor links have more weight from the higher authority sites.

How many websites are in your network? Do I get access to them all?

As of January, 2013, we have 120 high authority websites in our network. Although this is typically more than enough to rank for any local term, we are adding websites on a monthly basis at over 10 new sites every month. Your subscriptions includes links on a subset of these websites. If any sites become compromised, we can easily transition your links to one of the remaining ‘good’ sites.

What are citations and how do you get them?

Citations are essentially instances on the web that your Business name, full address, and website are mentioned or listed. These citations are a component getting listed in the Google Places A-G map. We build citations both on our network and through common local websites such as Yellow Pages and Yelp.

Do we need to create a Google+ Brand? Is it necessary?

Having a Google+ Brand page is crucial to ranking in the A-G positions of the Google Maps and Places results. If you don’t already have a Google+ local brand page we will get one created for you, or provide the training to teach you exactly how you can do it on your own account.

What’s involved with doing the on-site SEO? Do you need any login info?

After we do the proper keyword and competitive research and decide on what primary keywords to target we will need to access your website. If you are running a CMS like WordPress or Joomla, we’ll need you to create a user for us. If you have a simply html-based website, we will need FTP details to make the changes.

During the on-site SEO process, we will make sure all changes get approved prior to changing. We will only touch the title tags, meta-tags, and recommend small changes to wording and content.

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