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Common Questions

Website Design

Can I add content to my pages after the site is launched?

Absolutely! Although our web design packages are fully managed for the first year, meaning you can send us your content to post to the website whenever you like, you may want to post it directly yourself. Posting your own content allows you to play with it to see what looks best on the site and is generally faster, since you can post it whenever you like rather than waiting 24-48 hours for us to complete the changes for you.

With all of our website designs, you don’t have to worry about messing anything up because you never have to touch the code yourself! You simply login to our WordPress admin panel, look under “Pages” for page content or “Posts” for news/blog articles, and start writing. Best of all, if you run into an issue, we’re standing by to take care of it for you. If you make a change you don’t like, we can easily revert the page or post to a previous version: we’ve got you covered!

Can I sell my products on my website without paying for your e-commerce add-on?

Yes! Although security compliance prohibits you from taking payment through your own credit processor without our e-commerce add-on, you can direct people to pay through a third party gateway like PayPal, Stripe or 2Checkout. Simply create a ‘products’ page and copy and paste the PayPal (or other provider) payment buttons/code they provide you with onto the page. All set!

Our e-commerce add-on integrates considerably more smoothly with your site design and allows you to capture your products and client data in a self-maintained database. It also manages product stock, shipping calculations to multiple destinations with variable pricing, provincial tax rates, product variations, coupons, and tons more. If you’re looking for a professional website for selling your products, then we highly recommend purchasing our e-commerce add-on rather than building the product catalogue with WordPress pages yourself.

What do I need to provide to get my website up and running?

While we are researching the perfect design options for you, we request that you provide us with the content you would like on each page of your site. This often includes content (including images and video if available) for the following general pages:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Staff
  4. Product(s)
  5. Contact
  6. Distinction (how you differ from your competitors)
  7. A portfolio (if in an industry where this is valuable)
  8. Testimonials
  9. A few starting articles discussing hot topics within your industry
If you are unable to provide exact content to fill in these pages and posts, we ask that you consider using our professional copy writing services. All you need to do is send us all promotional material and a write-up about your company (format doesn’t matter here) and we’ll have our public relations expert go to work formatting everything to fit perfectly with your new website.

Do I have access to make changes to my account?

Indeed you do. Self-service hosting is the industry we originally started in over ten years ago. This means you get access to the Websavers client centre for administering your account. What can you do with the client centre?

  • Register a new domain or update your domain registration details
  • Manage your affiliate account so that you make money off every person you refer
  • Login directly to your Plesk hosting panel to add or remove email addresses, set up a subdomain, secure a directory and tons more!
  • View and update your support tickets – very handy if you ever run into problems with your email
  • Order new add-ons for your website, like our e-commerce integration, social media management and more!
  • Update your credit card details or input a new credit card for automatic billing
  • Change your contact information
  • Much more!
Login to your account to explore the many options available to you.

What happens if I cancel hosting?

Upon cancelation of hosting, the following occurs:

  1. You may continue hosting the site until the end of the payment period, although you’re welcome to suspend your website from within our control panel if you really want it taken down immediately. 
  2. If your domain has not expired, then you will have access from within our Client Centre to either renew it at the standard rate of $20 / year or transfer it elsewhere if you wish (transfer codes are available to you at any time without contacting us). You may also let it expire.
  3. If you wish to keep a copy of your website, then you must download a copy of all relevant information before your website is terminated. After it is terminated we may not be able to recover your site from backup and thusly we are not responsible for the data. Do not forget to backup both the files and the database. You can create a combined downloadable backup from within Plesk. You can also access all files via FTP/SFTP and the database via phpMyAdmin within Plesk at any time within the period of your subscription.
  4. Your email accounts are suspended. If you’re using IMAP for synchronized mail, you must be sure to download a copy of all messages via POP before submitting for cancelation.
  5. All software licenses are revoked. Although most of your website is built with open source, free licenses to ensure portability, in some cases we may have paid for software licenses to use with your site (plugins, themes, etc.) These licenses belong to Websavers Inc. and cannot be transferred to our clients (in most cases due to license restrictions). For most of our software licenses, this means you can continue to use the software, however you will not receive updates or support. This may result in problems such as when a security update is available for WordPress, but your plugins are not compatible. At any point you may purchase your own license for the plugin or theme to ensure upgrades and support through the software vendor (not Websavers Inc). Websavers Inc will not be held liable for the software, licenses, updates or any problems caused by the upgrades of the software unless your Grape Kiwi subscription is active.

How to Cancel

Details on canceling your account can be found within our knowledgebase here.

How can you make any profit with such a cheap plan?

We’ve encountered way too many people who, after shelling out thousands of dollars for their website, became angry, frustrated or completely fed up with their service provider. Most of the time it’s been due to a lack of communication alongside a lack of performance — their provider either didn’t talk to them or they didn’t deliver on their promises (or both). Either the website never gets completed or it’s completed but isn’t available for updates at a reasonable price.

Since we were originally purely a web hosting provider, new clients were telling us about these kinds of experiences with other companies on a weekly basis. We decided to do something about it!

We strongly believe in long-term relationships with our customers, and we think there’s no better way to ensure a great relationship than by having a give-and-take situation. Rather than asking you to pay massive amounts up-front, we offer reasonable rates for high quality websites. You only pay 30% up-front and 70% once you’re satisfied with the final website.

Our design rates are so cheap because it benefits us to have you satisfied such that you continue hosting the website with us. This way we’re held responsible with keeping you happy, otherwise you have the option of simply canceling your hosting plan and halting payment, which doesn’t benefit us in the long-run.

With some of our website creations, we actually lose money or pull even at the outset, but we think you’ll place as much value in having us there for you as we do in having you as our customer. Isn’t that what business should be all about?

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