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What happens if I cancel hosting?

Upon cancelation of hosting, the following occurs:

  1. You may continue hosting the site until the end of the payment period, although you’re welcome to suspend your website from within our control panel if you really want it taken down immediately. 
  2. If your domain has not expired, then you will have access from within our Client Centre to either renew it at the standard rate of $20 / year or transfer it elsewhere if you wish (transfer codes are available to you at any time without contacting us). You may also let it expire.
  3. If you wish to keep a copy of your website, then you must download a copy of all relevant information before your website is terminated. After it is terminated we may not be able to recover your site from backup and thusly we are not responsible for the data. Do not forget to backup both the files and the database. You can create a combined downloadable backup from within Plesk. You can also access all files via FTP/SFTP and the database via phpMyAdmin within Plesk at any time within the period of your subscription.
  4. Your email accounts are suspended. If you’re using IMAP for synchronized mail, you must be sure to download a copy of all messages via POP before submitting for cancelation.
  5. All software licenses are revoked. Although most of your website is built with open source, free licenses to ensure portability, in some cases we may have paid for software licenses to use with your site (plugins, themes, etc.) These licenses belong to Websavers Inc. and cannot be transferred to our clients (in most cases due to license restrictions). For most of our software licenses, this means you can continue to use the software, however you will not receive updates or support. This may result in problems such as when a security update is available for WordPress, but your plugins are not compatible. At any point you may purchase your own license for the plugin or theme to ensure upgrades and support through the software vendor (not Websavers Inc). Websavers Inc will not be held liable for the software, licenses, updates or any problems caused by the upgrades of the software unless your Grape Kiwi subscription is active.

How to Cancel

Details on canceling your account can be found within our knowledgebase here.

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