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Use the fields below to provide us with information about you and your business that will help us get your new site up and running. Some plans require less than the info requested below, in which case we should have already told you which parts to fill out, and others might have plenty of room for more which you will be able to send us later in the website creation process.

We recommend organizing this content in a word processor on your computer, then copy and paste it in here.

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Including a blog or news section to your site is important for helping to drive traffic to your website, updating your visitors with news from you or your company and helping to fill out content on your site (particularly your homepage). Blogs help companies appear less corporate and more friendly to their visitors and clients. Best of all, a blog section is included for free with your new website! Depending upon the objective of your website, these could be personal life updates (e.g.: I'm going on vacation!), company news (e.g.: We've moved our offices...), new products (e.g.: Check out our new branded T-Shirts!), a rant (e.g.: What's with all the crosswalk accidents lately?), or product reviews (e.g.: My review of the iPhone 5S).

Also think about using photos you've taken or purchasing stock photos to use as thumbnails to represent these articles -- images help make a site feel more professional. You'll be able to send these along during development of the site.


These help your visitors trust that your work is reputable and reliable. Just like blog posts, these short reviews help fill out content on your home page.

Often we can also include a photo of the person that wrote each testimonial! This helps make your testimonials look more modern and helps build trust with your new visitors as they are then more likely to believe the testimonials were not simply made up. If you can obtain photos to match each testimonial, feel free to send them over later on as we put together your website.


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